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Woodbricks – Wood Bricks from Natural Hardwoods

Woodbricks® are a beautiful and unique alternative to wood paneling or various other wall coverings. They interlock (see instructions sheet) and are easily installed with just 1 small nail per piece (no glue is needed). Woodbricks are available in a wide variety of native Indiana hardwood species, including Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Wormy Maple, Sassafras and more. See a full list of the Woodbricks species available, as well as a sample wall panel photo of each. Also, see our Woodbricks Photo Gallery of ideas.

Woodbricks come directly from Cook Lumber, kiln dried and ready to use. The standard Woodbricks product is unfinished, and comes in two forms, the usual “Select” version, and a possible (some species) “Rustic” version, which has more imperfections. For a little more cost, we can provide either the Select or Rustic Woodbricks with a clear coat pre-finish, which helps protect the wood a little more and enhances the wood’s natural beauty. Nearly all the photos shown below are Select with the Clear Coat pre-finish. Base (bottom) and chair rail (for wainscoting) pieces are available as well.

Woodbricks are also very affordable! Prices vary depending on species and availability, and are priced by the box. A box contains 106 pieces, which will cover 20 Sq. Ft.


Woodbricks can be used for a wide variety of projects and applications from wood paneling and wainscoting, to bars, fireplaces, special projects, and much, much more. See our Woodbricks Photo Gallery of ideas. Please send us photos of your next Woodbricks project along with some notes about it and we may include it in this Gallery.

Woodbricks are extremely durable, while also offering the natural beauty of the hardwood lumber. See more about the story of Woodbricks below, and complete the form to get more information about this unique product. Woodbricks can be purchased directly from Cook Lumber, or from this growing number of retailers.

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Cook Lumber has obtained the full rights to Woodbricks and excited to be producing this unique, beautiful and durable product. The manufacturing of Woodbricks requires custom built and proprietary machinery, as well as many years of experience in working with hardwood lumber. If interested, you can read more about the history of Wood Bricks, Wooden Bricks and Woodbricks. If you have any questions about Woodbricks or are interested in purchasing this product, please complete the form below.


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