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White Oak Lumber

White Oak Lumber

White Oak (Quercus Alba) is a large size tree that originated in North America. White Oak wood has sapwood that is white and heartwood that is light brown to brown in color. White Oak is mostly straight grained with average coarse texture. White Oak wood is hard and heavy with good strength, excellent wear resistance and low stiffness. White Oak makes a great choice for steam bending. White Oak can also be stained with a wide variety of finish tones. White Oak lumber uses include cabinet making, flooring, furniture, molding, paneling, millwork and veneer.

Cook Lumber Company recommends White Oak lumber being used for any projects that needs to have high quality, good strength, high resistance to wear and good visual characteristics with an excellent finish.

Cook Lumber Company has the capabilities to provide large quantities of White Oak lumber to companies worldwide while complying with all national and international lumber laws.