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Sassafras Lumber

Sassafras Lumber

Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) is a small to medium size tree that originated in North America. Sassafras wood has sapwood that is yellowish white and heartwood that varies from pale brown to orange brown in color. Sassafras has a straight grain with a coarse texture. Sassafras wood is relatively average in weight, strength, density, bending, and shock resistance. However, Sassafras has a low stiffness characteristic. Sassafras can be easily worked and takes finishes well. Sassafras lumber uses include furniture, cabinets, windows and door frames, millwork, and molding.

Cook Lumber Company recommends Sassafras wood being used for any projects that requires good workability, average strength, and with good visual character.

Cook Lumber Company has the capabilities to provide large quantities of Sassafras lumber to companies worldwide while complying with all national and international lumber laws.