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Beautiful, Rare Osage Orange Live Edge Piece with Inlay

Cook Lumber has available for purchase, an absolutely beautiful, and extremely rare, Osage Orange Live Edge piece with a Blue Turquoise Resin Inlay. It is a large piece (nearly 1″ thick, 34″-35″ wide, and 95.5″ long), so it could be used for an amazing countertop, table, etc. We don’t see Osage Orange logs very often, so when we got this in, we knew we wanted to do something really special with it. We are asking $5,499 for this amazing and very rare piece. We have started creating a few of these live edge inlays when we see an exceptional log that begs to be turned into a beautiful piece of furniture, or art, or both, but don’t pass up this unique opportunity on this stunning Osage Orange inlay. Call today, 765-672-4235! See more about our Live Edge Lumber!

Several photos of rare osage orange live edge with inlay

Cook Lumber Offers Black Locust and Sassafras Decking

Cook Lumber provides premium hardwood lumber used for decking. Both Black Locust and Sassafras are great hardwoods for decking due to their excellent resistance to rotting. Black Locust Decking and Sassafras Decking are both great alternatives to typical Heat Treated Pine Lumber, which we also provide. Heat Treated Pine contains chemicals that many don’t prefer today, and Black Locust and Sassafras don’t use these chemicals to be durable and rot-resistant. Black Locust decking is extremely durable for outdoor use, and Sassafras decking is very affordable and easily stained. Learn more about these hardwoods in the links above.

Cook Lumber Now Offering Woodbricks®

Woodbricks are a beautiful and unique alternative to wood paneling or various other wall coverings. They interlock and are easily installed. They are available in a wide variety of native Indiana hardwood species, including Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Wormy Maple, Sassafras and more. This product comes directly from Cook Lumber, kiln dried and ready to use. Cook Lumber has obtained the full rights to Woodbricks and is excited to be producing this unique, beautiful and durable product.

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Cook Lumber Produces Company Overview Video

C.C. Cook & Son Lumber Company (i.e. Cook Lumber) has produced a company overview video that takes the viewer on a journey that visits every aspect of the company’s saw mill and production facility. It starts with logs coming into the yard and being inspected, and goes through rough cutting, final cutting, kilning, storage, inspection and more. This comprehensive video can be viewed here.