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Coffeenut Lumber

Coffeenut Lumber

Coffeenut (Gymnocladus Dioicus) is a medium size tree that originated in North America. Coffeenut wood has a narrow sapwood that is yellowish white in color and heartwood that has a red to reddish brown tint. Coffeenut lumber has a coarse, straight grain resembling that of Ash, Honey Locust or Sassafras. Other characteristics of Coffeenut lumber are that Coffeenut is very hard and heavy in weight.

Common uses for Coffeenut lumber include cabinet making, furniture, millwork, molding and other general constructions.

Cook Lumber Company recommends Coffeenut wood being used for any projects that requires strong, durable and high load bearing wood. Cook Lumber Company, when available, can produce small quantities of Coffeenut lumber to companies worldwide while complying with all national and international lumber laws.